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Founder & President

Eduardo Garcia Berrios
Scott Erwin

General Manager

Scott Erwin
Brandon Mouzakis

Brandon Mouzakis

Sales Manager

Luis De Jesus

Service Manager

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Accounting Manager

Olga Quinones

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Meticulous, Experienced, & Flexible Crews (Small & Large)

In addition to our front-of-office staff, Professional Roofing Technology also has a large team of workers and a flexible crew management system for assembling teams at the size you need when you need them to finish the type and size of the project at hand.

For large projects, this could include a 50 person crew, or for a small repair project, just be a handful of specialists to effectively execute the project. This flexibility allows us to direct a crew composition based on the size and skills need for excellently concluding that flat roofing work.

We Have Many Years of Experience in the Field

The experience we bring to each project, along with quality workmanship and rate of production, reinforces our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence standards that have been set forth by the roofing industry. Professional Roofing Technology is Roofing at its Best.

Explore our milestone moments in the Professional Roofing Technology journey.

  • 2021

    Professional Roofing Technology purchases Humphries Construction Products in Peachtree Corners while also hiring former MLB baseball player and Georgia Tech alumni, Scott Erwin, as general manager for both companies.

  • 2019

    In addition to becoming a certified GAF Master installer, Professional Roofing Technology also opened up a metal bending and brake shop to fabricate metal trim and edge metals for commercial flat roof projects.

  • 2018

    Expanding upon the Versico mastery, Professional Roofing Technology expanded their expertise with a certification of mastery for Firestone commercial roofing materials and techniques.

  • 2013

    Eduardo G. Berrios ventures out on his own, fusing his commercial roofing background with an entrepreneurial spirit to launch a new business, Professional Roofing Technology. He also became a certified King’s Court Installer for Versico.

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”

Hire Only The Best Commercial Roofing Problem Solvers

Yes, we can handle normal and easy jobs. But when it comes to the tough jobs, the projects with complex roof setups are where we show our top talent. In fact, other roofing companies often hire us for these difficult projects!

When you're looking to do a roof tear-off, a new installation, or you simply need your building's roof repaired, Professional Roofing Technology is your go-to talent for small and big commercial roofing projects. By owning cranes, tools, materials, we have the internal talented team to execute your project with excellence and speed. And when it comes to safety, we follow all OSHA requirements.

Roofing over five million square feet across the southeast United States, we invite you to join hundreds of other building owners by choosing Professional Roofing Technology for installation, re-roofs, repairs, and ongoing maintenance.

We Care About Quality


Experienced Foremen

Our foremen have 15-20 years of experience in the roofing industry, and all of them were former roofers. They oversee the installation process, ensuring that every member of the installation team understands the importance of attention to detail.


Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is critical in a successful commercial roof installation. Our team follows the manufacturer's specifications closely, ensuring that all components of the installation are in line with the guidelines. We take the time to align the shingles correctly, ensuring that there are no sloppy or uneven areas. A high-quality installation will save you money in the long run.

Why Choose Professional Roofing Technology?

Protecting The Integrity of Your Building

  • 5 Million Square Feet Annually
  • We Have Our Own Crews, Tools & Safety Equipment
  • We Excel At The Hardest Jobs
  • Competitive pricing & Quality Workmanship

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  • Versico

  • GAF

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