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Commercial Roofing Systems

Commercial buildings across the world have used a variety of roofing systems since the dawn of civilization.  As technology has advanced, the systems primarily used have narrowed to the most effective (for utility, cost, and ease of installation)

Professional Roofing Technology primarily installs TPO roofing, which is a thermoplastic polyolefin membrane. PVC and EPDM are other rubber membranes that are often used for particular applications or environments. Fewer roofs are using asphalt or metal roofing systems.

We service all of these commercial roofing systems. So, whether your commercial building needs maintenance monitoring, repairs, or complete installations (or reroofing) the Professional Roofing Technology team is here to serve your commercial roofing needs. We deliver quality craftsmanship to ensure your roof lasts as long as possible, and we deal with the most difficult of commercial roofing projects.