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Polyvinyl Chloride 
(PVC) Roofing Systems

PVC Roofing Systems

About PVC Roofing Membranes

The second most number of commercial roofs we install and reroof is done with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) single-ply roofing membranes.

This commercial roofing material is remarkably durable and resistant to some of the toughest catastrophes including fire, chemicals, grease, and hurricane-level winds. Outside of durability and solar reflectivity, PVC roofing membranes also regulate building temperatures at entry-friendly levels.

For over 35 years, PVC Roofing systems have been put to the test and trusted by commercial landlords across the United States. 

PVC is a commercial roofing material that looks like TPO but is about 33% more expensive. It's recommended to only use PVC when necessary due to its higher cost.

However, PVC has stronger resistance to grease, oil, and chemicals, making it suitable for use in places like restaurants with grease traps and fans over deep fryers, chemical plants with exhaust fans, and packaging places with ink chemicals and paint thinners.

The Best PVC Commercial Product For Your Building's Roofing Needs

When working with Professional Technology Roofing, we provide building owners and managers with the choice of which materials and brands they prefer to install on their building. This allows us to pick what's best based on the needs and requirements of our collective goals.

In most cases, we'll recommend going with Holcim Elevate (formerly Firestone) materials, but on certain types of tear-offs, the Versico PVC is a superior option. In rare cases, we'll go with GAF based on the specific request of the customer.

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