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Does your building have an asphalt roof? In many cases, we can install TPO roofing on top of it. Contact us to learn more.

About TPO Roofing Membranes

A majority of our commercial roof installations are done with Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply roofing membranes. Highly praised across the industry for performance and installation advantages, this heat-reflective and energy roofing system is a top pick for commercial buildings.

TPO is a single-ply membrane made up of synthetic material and a reinforcing scrim for commercial building flat roofs. These roofing systems are heat welded to provide durable coverage, beyond what is delivered with chemically bonded thermosets.

TPO is similar to PVC and KEE roofing systems and these Plastomers (or Thermoplastics) roofing systems cover 55% of commercial buildings across the United States.

As compared to asphalt (or gravel) type roofing systems, membrane roofing systems provide several distinct advantages. TPO more reliably provides a proper seal along the seams and connecting points. TPO roofs thus have fewer roof leaks and require less maintenance. When repairs are needed for TPO roofs, they are much less problematic and more easily resolved (because leaks are easier to located). Asphalt is also much heavier and requires more space. With the heat from the sun, this expansion and shrinking can lead to additional problems that are absent from TPO roofing membranes.

For your next commercial building re-roof or a new roof, we recommend that you leverage TPO single roofing membranes to now only deliver the benefits described, but also to provide resistance to ultraviolet, ozone, and chemical exposure of your building units. Extend the life of your commercial building with TPO roofing.

The Best TPO Commercial Product For Your Building's Roofing Needs

When working with Professional Technology Roofing, we give building owners and managers the choice of which materials they prefer to install on their building. This allows us to pick what's best based only on our needs and requirements.

In most cases, we'll recommend going with Firestone materials, but on certain types of tear-offs, the Versico TPO is a superior option. In rare cases, we'll go with GAF based on the specific request of the customer.

Learn more about the Firestone and Versico TPO materials below.

Firestone TPO Commercial Roofing Materials
Versico Roofing Systems
GAF Roofing Systems

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

Commercial Roofing Systems by

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UltraPly™ TPO

UltraPly's proven formulation has been the same since the turn of the millennium, giving building owners long-term confidence

Used primarily for low-slope commercial buildings, UltraPly™ TPO roofing membrane is ideal for a wide range of building types and provides a sustainable industrial roofing solution. Varying in light shading options, the white, tan, or gray helps reduce a building's requirements for temperature control.

Chemical and Ozone Resistant


Hot-Air Welded Membrane

Puncture Resistance

Surface Temperature Reduction

LEED Point Eligible

TPO Versico

TPO Color Variations

TPO's color variety makes it a versatile and visually appealing option for businesses in a range of climates.

When it comes to commercial roofing materials, TPO is a popular choice due to its durability, energy efficiency, and versatility. Unlike black roofing materials used up north to melt snow and ice, TPO comes in a range of colors that cater to different preferences and climates.

We typically offer around five to ten different colors of TPO, with at least 3 options usually in stock. These colors range from shades of grey, tan, green, brown, and even terra cotta.


UltraPly TPO Flex Adhered

The Most Flexible TPO on the Market

We leverage UltraPly TPO Flex Adhered for corners and angles to give your commercial roof better benefits. Easier installation, pliable, and cold weather flexibility make this ideal for installing on complex roofs. With environmental friendliness, these reliable welded materials have lower roof surface temperatures and puncture resistance against hail. Ensure your building tenants have the best climate-controlled experience with reliable TPO roofing.

Wider Weldoing Window

Durable, Strong and Long-Lasting

Excellent Wind Up-Life Resistance

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Cold Weather Flexibility

High Slope Capabilities

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

Commercial Roofing Systems by

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APEEL™ Protective Film

Accelerate installation and end up with a clean finished roof.

This protective film guards the surface of the TPO from scuffs and dirt accumulation during the roofing installation. Once the roofing project is complete, we simply remove the protecting layer and you've got a clean roof.

Eliminates Post-Job Cleaning

Great for re-roofing jobs

Save Time and Money

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