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Wind-Vented System.

2001 company, wind-vent system

What Problems Are Solved by the 2001 Wind-Vented System?

  • Need for a roofing system that can withstand high winds
  • Continuous self-drying of wet roofs
  • Lower cost and more environmentally friendly than conventional re-roofing systems
  • Ability to roof over existing roofs in some cases, eliminating the need for new insulation
  • Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.

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Hurricane-Strong Venting System

The Wind Vented Roof System™ by the 2001 Company has been tested during several hurricanes and severe weather conditions and has proven to withstand winds exceeding 140 MPH.

Schools, condominiums, and storage buildings with the 2001 Co. vent systems had no issues and fared well through Hurricane Irma and other storms.

The system takes advantage of negative pressure or the wind to help secure the roof, holding it tighter the harder the wind blows across the roof.

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Features & Benefits

If you're a building owner seeking a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly roof-based wind-venting solution that won't disrupt your business during installation, the 2001 Company Wind-Vented System is it. Unlike traditional roofing, these systems can be installed without ripping off your old roof, saving you money on disposal fees and minimizing debris inside your building. Plus, this system is extremely energy-efficient and effective at preventing mold, mildew, and fungi growth.

And, with up to 50-year warranties and solar readiness, you can trust that our system will be a reliable and low-maintenance investment for years to come. Let us install your wind-venting system today.

2001 Company Wind-Vented System Benefits

  • Lower Cost and Environmentally Friendlier than Conventional Re-roofing

  • Uses Significantly Less Material than Regular Systems
  • Minimal Disruption to Ongoing Business During Installation
  • Superior Quality and Tested Performance
  • Continuous Self-Drying of Wet Roofs with Wind-Vented / Negative Pressure System
  • Thermal Performance
  • 45 Year Track Record of Weathering Sun, Wind, Rain, and Snow